A historical perspective on Music

The word music originates its roots from ancient Greece where it was known as ‘mousike’, a combination of optimized pitch timbre and rhythm in sound form the melodies known as music. Music in essence is sound or voice that soothes the heart and soul of one and it has existed as long as humans have existed. But it is unique to every culture and geographical entity. Music can give you a new energy if it is soothing to ears! What might be perceived as harmonious and melodious in the east might not be considered so as the same in the west.

But defining it is still a hard job as tastes within a culture also vary and may not be the same because tastes differ from person to person. Its standing in different cultures is also different, while in orthodox Muslim societies it is shun upon and practitioners of music are not very respected; it is considered as a divine form of worship in the Hindu society where its practitioners are revered as the ‘voice of god’. While in the past various forms have also been termed as noise, the modern concept introduced by composer John Cage states that “There is no noise, only sound.” Music has been a great source of inspiration for youngsters.

The oldest musical instrument found around the globe is considered to be the flute, where hollow bones with holes and blowing space at one end were used for some soothing and joyous music. The first instance of stringed instruments being discovered was from the great Indus valley civilisation, while it is pertinent to mention that the oldest development of music can be attributed to India. Due to its collaboration with the religious scriptures of the Hindus known as the Vedas, it found a strong cultural base to grow and till date the oldest surviving music form is the classical Indian music used in worship rituals. While the oldest surviving song is the Hurricane song from 1400 BC written down on clay tablets. Music also had a prominent part in Christian and Judaist cultures.

The Roman Catholic Church then extended its support to the nourishment and growth of music, it found its place in masses in the form of jingles and religious songs over a period of centuries and with time it became an essential part of church service. Christmas jingles have become part and parcel of the culture and the idea of having a Christmas without ‘Jingle bells’ and ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ is unimaginable today. Over time some of the greatest names in the field of modern music have been Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Mehdy Hassan, Madam Noor Jehan, A.R. Rehman, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi just to name a few.

Music is considered to be the food for soul, not only does it revitalise the mind but it helps relaxing and forget the worries of the day and life.

Money management skills are necessary for music personalities

A lot of revolutionary changes come in music industry in last 20 years. In the initial stage radio played a main role for obliging and introducing music and now a lot of new equipment are available, you can see your favorite singers on screen and internet as well. Interesting thing is that the first music video who aired on MTV was “the Buggle”.

In this century, music industry progressed rapidly. We can share our favorite music in whole the world to our friends with file sharing facility. Greg kott wrote a book in the name of “Ripped”. In this book, he describes the different reason why music industry has been changing dramatically. Writer tells about every famous band and music person briefly that how he took the role for music industry. The end of this book is hopeful. And in the end of the book, writer tells about several music personalities behavior and says that some people did not learn from history and try to repeat same things again and again.

Music industry is also become a business industry these days. Music is not only a source of satisfaction of the soul, but also a money gaining source. How many DVD is sold in the market? Online shows of music people are how much successfully? These things also have a role these days. If you are a musician or you are a newcomer, then music industry will must help you, but not for yourself. The helping will must see that what will be he got, if you will be successful. This is important. For example, if they help you and you become successful so what they will get it from your success. Money is first and your help is secondary part.

Different techniques are applying by earning money and fame. Music Cds may not get enough attentions of people, but single track can get much attention. Such music related person gives the example of ITunes successful sale. Famous music personalities Sean Kingston or Lady Gaga are famous in today music lovers. People want to listen their songs and music as well. A lot of people think that they may be got enough money from music industry and lives in a heaven, but this is not a fully true. They get enough money, but with terms and condition. In fact, some realities about music stars is always hidden. For example, their contract detail and their hidden well- known. These big music personalities are bound with terms and conditions and their contractors are also get huge amount. Music icons cannot get success alone and their helping hands take a main role and gets huge amount as well because of their services. In fact, money management skills is a main factor for any music personality’s fame.

Michael jackson was the king of music and have million of fans are in the world. Name of Michael jackson, we see, top of the music ranking, but this sorrowful reality, in the last days of his career before his death, Michael jackson was worried about his loans. In fact, michael jackson was much sincere for returning the loans and planning to take shows in different counties, but this may not possible because he left the industry forever. In fact, he had good money management skills because he was serving music industry from long time, but the last days of his life, some mistakes about money management happens must so why the richest pop stars was worried about loans? We can say that today music business is based on money management skills. You are a good music personality, but you have not a management skills then your success is doubtful. Today words gives a lesson of marketing and business planning whether you are talking about music or other entertainment kinds.

Why Do People Play Poker

If we are to think of other reasons why people play poker for money, aside from the enjoyment they get from the game, most people will have nothing to say but just draw a blank. In the game of poker, you get paid off from working hard, trying to improve intentionally and studying the game more.

However, it is usually quite difficult to improve as an online poker player beyond the most fundamental levels. If you observe most of the players, this can be found evident. Not one out of ten players would be able to uphold tilt to an insignificant level. Players simply cannot put off stubbornness, machismo and anger from ruling their play. Almost always, players tend to deny the fact that much is required from them in the complex and difficult game of poker.

What makes poker appealing?

Compared to doing the tough work required to win in a poker game, believing in fairies and ghosts is a whole lot easier. Likewise, it would be easier to say change the deck than to learn the tendencies of your opponents and adjusting your play to their weak spots and strong points. Situations like saying the game is rigged, blaming dealers, flinging cards, whining and crying exist in the world of poker because it is easier to do them than having patience and studying.

The desire for shortcuts is overwhelming, even among the players who are somewhat more thoughtful. Despite the fact that ghost knowledge would not bring victory, most players want an answer to be told instead of looking for the answers.

It is ridiculous and pointless to ask questions like “Before the flop, what percentage of hands should I play?” It would be similar to asking questions like “what should I wear?” or “what movie should I watch?”

Other games are passive and tight while some are aggressive and loose. Some games may include one looney-tune donator and seven solid opponents. These circumstances are more specific. You will play differently when an outstanding aggressive-loose player is in the big blind compared when you play the percentage of hands that is third under the gun with a super-tight rock in the big blind.

Making decisions based on the situation

What’s being explained is the poker stars process. Every judgment and situation that a player faces in a poker game is a chance to practice processing data and making correct decisions. If you like doing these things, well then, your better play poker for the money it could offer.

The battle of nerve, intellect and wit is always present in poker. It is truly a challenge to win in poker. Always remember that players seeking to avoid challenges never get the chance to be successful. In as much as great explorers explore unfamiliar lands and unchartered waters, great poker should also explore to learn ways to win and be unbeaten. If players simply follow the thought processes or rules set out by others, they are not playing poker but merely make believing that they are playing poker.

Music an influential form of art

It’s been said that music is the one aspect of language that no matter what language is used, it has the ability to portray the same emotion. The basic components of it are pitch, rhythm and dynamics where as sonic qualities include timber and texture. Pitch includes harmony and melody, rhythm stands for meter, tempo and articulation.

According to social and cultural context definition of it as well as performance and creation varies. It can be divided into genres and subgenres. Whereas with in “arts” it can be classified into three categories which include auditory art, performing art and fine art. To Indian Philosophers and Greeks defined it as a set of melodies and harmonies which are horizontally and vertically arranged. In many cultures it is an important part of people life. But all are agree that it is pleasant to listen. John Cage which was a famous composer according to him any sound is music which doesn’t includes noise. Usually the border between melody and noise is culturally defined within a society this border is not always same. There is no universal concept which defines what it might be it varies from culture to culture.

In prehistoric period flutes were discovered which were formed from bones with lateral holes. From various archaeological sites of Indus valley flutes with seven holes and various stringed instruments were discovered. Collections of earliest and largest instruments were found from China. Indian classical music is also one of the oldest trends of history. Form culture to culture composition and performance of this art varies and it is compose for various purposes. Usually it is composed for entertainment product, religious purposes and aesthetic pleasure or can be composed for various ceremonial occasions. Some musicians compose and perform it for their own satisfaction and their purposes are not income.

Whereas professional musicians are employed in various organizations and institutions such as churches and synagogues, music schools, armed forces, symphony orchestras, film production, broadcasting purposes and many more. There are links between professional musician and amateur musicians. There is a great difference between performed for live audience and for recording purpose that is broadcasted or distributed through retail system, in many cases live performance is also recorded and distributed.

In 20th century music listening gained popularity and radio was mostly used for this purpose and the use of phonographs was also common to distribute it. To explore new rhythms, sounds and styles efforts were used. John Cage, Igor Stravinsky and some other were the great composers of art music of 20th century. Invention of sound recording and how to edit it gave it a new direction.

From 1950s to 1960s rock genre developed and gained popularity in new generation. Use of electric guitar, keyboard instruments such as piano and organ were used form this period. Use of saxophones and harmonica along with guitar and keyboards developed with the passage of time. To improve and maintain health use of music therapy is also gaining popularity. It is used to reduce stress, improve learning and also to develop self esteem for adults as well as children.

Super System the Book

Winning huge sums of money in a poker game is something Doyle Brunson’s Super System – the Book will provide guidelines and concepts to help players achieve their goals. This book became a sensation in the high-stakes world of poker and has taught many players to become a superstar in the game. He provides methods of identifying “Tells”, important tips, versatility, superstitions, and has a great section on tournament play.

Basics of Tells

A very important aspect of successfully playing poker is being able to “read” the opponent, and this book has an excellent chapter on “Tells”. A “Tell” is a tendency that a player has when they have been dealt different hands. They may have one tell when their bluffing, and a different one when they have the winning hand; either way, being able to read these giveaway signs helps the opponent play the hand to their most desirable outcome. One of the most common “Tells” is the pulse in their neck because this is not something anyone can control – read the book to find out what this indicates in the opponent!

Qualities for Success

As in the old Kenny Rodgers song “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run”, having the courage, wisdom, and patience to play the hand the right way is one of the main qualities of success. This book talks about several, common characteristics of the best players. Patience, staying power, PokerRockets Strategy discipline, controlling emotions, are a handful of the traits that the greatest player, Doyle Brunson, has recognized and maintained throughout his successful career, and discusses in detail in the book.


Successful players of many sports have a pair of lucky socks, a lucky coin, or some ritual they perform ensuring success at their chosen game. This book has a chapter on superstitions and Brunson points out several that are common with many poker players, such as not being paid with $50 bills, as well as some of his superstitious habits.

Important Tips

A “must read” chapter in this book is General Poker Strategies and Important Tips. Winning poker hands are not necessarily logical in the manner and the arbitrary method of determining and ranking the cards. This important chapter identifies the method to use for identifying players who can be bluffed. One major note is that playing in high-stakes poker and playing in low-limit games have differences in reading the opponents.

Money Management

Not everyone has sufficient resources to play in high-stakes games, but even in low-limit games, the guidelines for successfully managing money is identified in this book. Every player from rookie to advanced player benefits from the advice in this very informative chapter. The most important rule is to use good judgment.

Final Words

There are many great chapters on Texas Hold’em poker that providing the reader with the clearest and most concise information on successfully playing the game to a winning hand. In conclusion, every person serious about becoming a great poker player should read Super System – the Book.

Poker Star Jennifer Harman Playing on Full Tilt Poker site

For those of you that are very familiar with who is who and what is what of the online Poker world, you probably already know then who Jennifer Harman is. However for those who don’t she is one of the hottest things in online poker. Harmon is in her early twenties and in fact had begun playing poker when she was eight years old. When her father was losing he would have her play in his play and she would then proceeds to win his money back. What a wonderful father daughter relationship, that takes real trust.

Because of her petite stature it is hard to believe when sitting across the table from Harmon that she has been playing as a professional in the world of poker for over ten years now. Because of how young she looks, many players actually underestimate her skills and try to bluff her repeatedly during a tournament. Harmon has the element of surprise when it comes to showing of her expertise in the area of poker because of her youthful looks.

Just like the rest of us though, as a beginner Harmon actually went broke because she bet more than her bankroll on several occasions, but as you can see today she has learned from her mistakes, just as we all do when playing poker. Now Harmon holds two of the World Series of Poker bracelets in open events and is considered one of the best cash players. As funny as this may sound, Sports Illustrated actually said “Jennifer is the most feared poker player in the world.” After all even though she finished in third place in the $2,000 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better Tournament, she still managed to rack up prize money up to $53,000. Also in 2000, she played and won a Deuce to Seven Draw Event even with it being the first time she had ever participated in the event and then in 2002 she then won the Limited Hold’em Event with her total winnings for that even totaling in at $1,428, 254 in just 34 tournaments.

Even with a reputation like that on Harmon’s notch, she is also a great inspiration to those that are organ donors because she actually had to miss a big tournament due to kidney disease and luckily her niece was able to help her out with a replacement kidney. Though that does not mean that she can’t be a big inspiration in the poker world as well for young player and the new tentative to be women poker players of the here and now. So take inspiration and pride in the poker professionals whether they are woman or man, because they are what makes online poker what it is and as entertaining as it should be. So if you have never heard of Harmon before now, she is definitely the Poker Star to watch in and out of the tables. Watch out professional players out there, do not try and bluff this woman. She’s a lot spunkier than she looks.

Basic No Limit Texas Holdem Tips

No limit Texas Holdem is constantly evolving and there is very advanced strategy concepts involved. Though this is the case, there are fundamentals that any poker player builds their game on – whether they are beginners or experts. Taking these fundamentals and applying them in a poker player’s game is their first step to becoming a great poker player.

Poker is not merely about the cards that a poker player holds. Even though the cards that a poker player holds are important, the cards that their opponents hold are also a very important factor. If an opponent has a weak hand, they can be bluffed off the pot regardless of what a poker player holds. If an opponent has a very strong hand but the poker player has a semi strong hand, the semi strong hand should be folded. If an opponent is holding the nuts and the poker player is holding the second nuts, the hand that the poker player holds becomes useless and costly. Playing an opponent is more important than a poker player’s own hand strength.

Poker players at PokerStars.net who get complacent and think they have nothing left to learn are the losing poker players. Even the best poker player in the world is learning new things. When it comes to poker, practice is one of the most important aspects of becoming a good player. It is often said that the best player in the world at the time is the poker player who is playing the most. Though this is not always true, it does show the power of practice. The more hands a poker player can play – the more he understands the game and the better he gets.

New poker players are usually very susceptible to tilt. Tilt is when a poker player plays badly because of a bad mental attitude. This could be because they have had a consistent run of bad beats, or they have an argument in real life. Whatever causes a poker player to tilt; if they do tilt, it is usually a massive leak in their game. Poker players need to learn how to avoid and control tilt. Tilt is an issue for any poker player however; the way that they deal with it ultimately determines whether it affects their poker game. The best way to deal with tilt is simply to walk away. If a poker player feels their game is being affected by tilt, they should walk away and take a break.

Mistakes that Even Advanced Players Make in Poker

Even the most successful and professional players often make mistakes while playing poker. Even professionals are human and they are not perfect. Sooner or later, we are all bound to slip and fall but knowing what these mistakes are would eventually help us to avoid them in the future. Given below are some of the most common mistakes that advanced players often make:

Not Betting Right

While not betting right at the proper time might seem like a mistake a beginner would make, the fact is that even the advanced players make these mistakes. Value betting is the one concept which is important for professional players. It is quite situational and must be handled with care. For the limit games you can be aggressive with your betting since the bets are smaller in size and even the weak players would call your bets.

However, for no limit games things are different. Not making the most of value bets in no limit games can turn out to be a very costly mistake.

Bad Game Selection

Even professionals often end up selecting the wrong game. The problem with advanced players is that they sometimes think they are good enough for any type of game. For this reason they sometimes end up sitting at a big which might be too big for them. This can turn out to be a very costly mistake. Keep the ego at bay and know your limitations.

Playing Very High Stakes

Advanced poker players tend to get too confident at times and think they can handle anything. If they are playing at a game which is familiar to them, high stakes might not really be a problem. However, when experimenting with different poker variations that you are not familiar with, it is wise to stay low and not play high stakes. Always start at the lower stake games and with experience move on to the higher stakes. If you are careful enough with your money and play at stakes you are comfortable with, in the long run you would be able to save quite a lot of money.


Tilting is not just for beginners. Even the most professional players can sometimes fall into this age old trap. Generally, professional players know how to prevent themselves from tilting and know how to limit their losses. However, every now and then even the best players go through a rough patch which will eventually end up breaking them and would shatter their confidence. If at this stage the player starts playing more aggressive in hopes of winning back the money, it could lead to a big disaster. These players would often start playing rough and reckless, being at a stage where they would not be able to beat players even of lower skills.

There can be circumstances that professional players would face during their career that would set them off on an extended tilt. Even though this is rare, nobody is safe from tilting.

Most Popular Poker Games

Some people feel versions of poker games have become such a hit with millions of new sign ups at online rooms because even those with beginner skill levels have a wide variety of poker game choices open to them with many low limit gaming styles available at the initial level of play.

Others feel the customized versions of popular poker styles as offered by hottest poker rooms on the web, enable players from different experience levels to advance to the next with ease and scope for big winnings.

Well, whatever the truth is, the fact cannot be denied that most poker rooms have moved on from their typical low limit games for those with a low risk tolerance to many more types of big win enabling poker games with plenty of user-adaptations that can be applied for maximizing player enjoyment and bringing in more traffic to the website with positive customer testimonials and enviable bonus code offers.

Some of these most popular pokerstar games online include those that can be classified into specific games according to house rules or, in the event of a virtual poker tournament, as those specified by the organizing authorities. In this case, it is the rules that differentiate one type of poker game from others, with community card poker styles like Texas Hold’em scoring high in terms of global popularity.

It is the best-known version of a community-centric card game that is most popular in Europe; but then, so is Omaha. In the latter type of poker game, the play features a hi-lo adaptation that is referred to as the ‘Omaha 8’ by the patrons and involves a pot-split for the highest possible hand and as the name hi-lo suggest, the lowest possible hand in the game.

The main characteristic of community-focused games is that all players will be given a hand, however they will share ‘board’ cards also.

Another memorable version of community card games that is a vital poker version is called ‘ Pineapple holdem.’

Let’s not forget Draw poker games that also feature in the list of most popular poker games. They are easy, can be played in family scenarios, are most popular as ‘Jacks or Better’ in homes across America and require each player to put an ante in to the pot, get 5 cards, followed by a round of betting. After this, every player is permitted to select a specific amount of cards that he or she can discard and draw; following this action, the players in the game will go through a second betting round (based on the new hand they receive).

Lowball, another well-known poker variation has players competing for – you got it – the lowest possible hand! This of course is in complete contrast to standard poker games that require the highest possible hand to win.

Finally, Stud poker is the last of our popular game styles; it is played with 5 to 7 cards, but has lost out in favor of holdem-type games now more in demand at casinos. In this game, down cards combined with face-up cards are given to each player in the first hand, followed by more cards, then a betting round once every PokerStar.net player has a card. Levels of play here include 5-card, 7-card and 7-card hi-lo stud.

Networks that offer rakeback

If you have decided that poker is for you, and you think you can make a profit playing poker online, the first thing to do is decide which room will be most profitable for you. Most people will usually decide on PokerStars to start there poker career. Usually because it is the biggest poker room and most well known. However, PokerStars is not usually the best place to start for a few reasons. Firstly, the competition is tough. Secondly, it does not offer rakeback.

Rakeback is essential for any poker player. If you decide to play poker on a new poker room, the first thing you should take into consideration whether it offer rakeback. There are so many poker rooms out there that offer rakeback; there are no excuses for picking a room that you can get rakeback on. Therefore, now you need to know which poker networks offer rakeback.

The biggest site that offers rakeback is Full Tilt Poker. The have a cap on how much rakeback that you can get, which is 27% rakeback. Therefore, if you decide to choose, you should be looking for a rakeback deal of 27%.

However, they are other site and networks that offer rakeback. The Cake Network is another big poker network that offers rakeback. You will also be able to get a better deal on the Cake network than 27%. For example, Players Only offer up to 33% rakeback, which beats the 27% rakeback offered by Full Tilt Poker.

There are many other networks and poker rooms that offer rakeback. On the Merge network, you can get 30% with Carbon Poker. Alternatively, the Cereus network you can get 30% rakeback with Ultimate Bet. However, if you are looking the best possible rakeback offers, you usually have to look into the smaller networks. For example, on the Everleaf network you can get up to 40% rakeback on Gloss Poker. 50% rakeback with Fat Bet Poker on the Poker Nexus network – just to name a few.

So when it comes to picking a poker room, remember that you can always find a room similar to the one you want to join if the room you are choosing doesn’t offer rakeback. Full Tilt Poker is a better option than PokerStars because you can get everything that PokerStars has at Full Tilt Poker PLUS rakeback. However, if you are just looking the best rakeback offer, usually you have to go to the smaller networks to get the best possible rakeback percentage offer.